Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life...sometimes when everything seems to perfectly falls into their place, a certain event changes everything. rupturing the comfort zone we have so hardly created. everything needs to be re-done. u need to start up all over again. imagine you have been working on a paper for one whole night without sleeping, burning the mid-night oil and when  you are done, suddenly there was a black out and u dont use the battery on your computer, and all the works u have done is not saved? and when you reboot the computer, all your work is gone and you have to start, ALL OVER AGAIN? yes, if only the dead line is still not so close, but what if the deadline is in 1 hour time...? FUCK MY LIFE... right? hahaha

but no matter what, no matter how difficult things are, how fucked up the situation is, do we deserve to say pity me... my life is so miserable.... i dont want to live anymore... i have no money... i have no car... i have no job...
can we whine and cry and blame anyone? no.
Imagine people who are born blind. Can they blame God for creating them blind? NO. but they will say they are grateful to God, because they are given the ability to speak, hear, talk and walk....
what about people who are born without hands are legs? is your life more bad than him? can u walk easily? can u run? can u hold your loved ones? you can. but can he? he can.... without using his hands he can touch his loved one's heart.

so what excuse can u give to say your life is bad? thats bullshit. you decide what you want and how you want it. if you dont like it, dont whine and just quit. do something that you want to do, but make sure u prove that u make the right decision. or else, that is really fuck your life. not sucessful in whatever you do....

when bad things happen, if you want to scream, cry, punch the wall or whatever, do it! let it all out, but after that, get up, do anything to find a solution, or get over the past, and start new all over.

most importantly, have faith, and then smile, and when you make others smile, your day will be so much better.... :D

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